The iconic Mall of Africa, situated midway between the cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria, is the biggest shopping mall ever to be built in Africa. Hillaldam had the privilege of supplying the hardware for almost every single sliding and stacking door for each and every shopfront and restaurant under its roof. This 4-year, R5-billion project came with challenges for everyone who worked on it. However, when over 100 000 people passed through its doors on Opening Day, it was all worth it. Over 300 retailers reside within the walls of this Mall and all of them wanted their all-important shopfronts to reflect the size and stature of this unique shopping mall. One such retailer, the Truworths Group, did not want to lose a single inch of valuable window space and tasked Hillaldam with creating sliding doors for all of their 11 stores. This resulted in the use of extended tracks leading into uniquely positioned parking bays behind the display areas. In these photos, you can see an example of the Stackaway 150 system, which had to be designed to cater for a full 180 degree arc, as well as the clever use of storage space behind the shopfront display.