Stackaway 500GL

Top hung sliding and stacking hardware for aluminium and hardwood doors up to 500 kgs


Sliding Stacking Door Systems

Stackaway 500GL

About This Product

Top Hung Sliding and Stacking Doors up to 500kg.

Product Application

Product Features

  • No floor channel required
  • Aluminium top track
  • Non corrosive hardware
  • Clip-on rebate
  • Flexible layout designs

Product Specification

  • Max leaf mass: 500kg
  • Max leaf height: 4500mm
  • Max leaf width: 1500mm
  • Glass thickness 10-19mm

Special layouts done by Hillaldam

Product Components

  • STA500 Aluminium Top Track 
  • STA500GL Hanger
  • STA500 Stacking Rig – to Suite Opening
  • GL Rails – 10mm-19mm
  • Universal Slide Bolts
  • Receiver Blocks
  • 9139 Dust Socket
  • 600GLP Pivot Set For Pivot Leaf

Technical Drawings