Straightaway 100S

Top hung sliding hardware for hotel wardrobe and commercial cupboard doors


Straight Sliding Door Systems

Straightaway 100S

About This Product

Top hung sliding hardware for steel framed doors or gates up to 100kg.

Product Application

Product Features

  • Quality ball-bearing hangers
  • Proven reliable system

Product Specification

  • Max door mass: 100kg
  • Max door height: 2500mm
  • Max door width: 1000mm
  • Door thickness: min 30mm angle frame or 25mm tube.

Product Components

  • A100S Side fixing brackets – 300mm centres
  • 100S/100G Steel or galvanised top track
  • 0100 Adjustable hangers for steel doors
  • 100TF Hangers for timber doors
  • 101 Track stop
  • 48/19B Guides for steel doors
  • 40/19B/N Guide for timber doors
  • 19A/19S Steel guide channel
  • 46L Door stop (not included in diy set)


  • Domestic 100S special DIY pack for max 1000mm wide door, includes brackets, steel track,hangers, guides and guide channel.
  • All fittings available in stainless steel for coastal applications.

Technical Drawings