Straightaway 600A

Top hung sliding hardware for interior aluminium or timber doors up to 600kg.


Straight Sliding Door Systems

Straightaway 600A

About This Product

Top hung sliding hardware for frameless glass doors with top rail.

Product Application

Product Features

  • Strong aluminium track
  • Quality proven hardware
  • Concealed guiding
  • Ideal for offices, hospitals, hotels, shopping centres

Product Specification

  • Max door mass: 600kg
  • Max door height: 4000mm
  • Max door width: 3000mm
  • Door thickness: 44mm

The area of a single sliding leaf should be related to all other factors.

Product Components

  • A600A Side or soffit fixing brackets
  • 600TA Aluminium top track
  • 600TO Take-out piece
  • 600TF (top fix) or 600AS (apron fix) hanger
  • 600ES Track stop
  • 19A Aluminium guide channel
  • 40T/19N Twin bottom nylon guide
  • 503NA/GA Flush pull handle


  • All fittings available in stainless steel for coastal applications.
  • Various finishes available.

Technical Drawings