Straight Sliding Door Systems

Straightaway 600AGL

About This Product

Sliding hardware for commercial frameless doors for up to 600kg.

Product Application

Straight sliding commercial Frameless Doors.

Product Features

  • Aluminium Top Track and Glass Rails
  • Powder coat all standard colours
  • Bolt through Rail
  • Flexible Layout Designs

Product Specification

  • Max door mass: 600Kg
  • Max door width: 3000mm
  • Max door height: 3500mm
  • Glass thickness: 10-19mm

Product Components

600A Aluminium top track

  • GL Rail
  • GL Rail cover plates
  • GL End caps
  • 600GL Hangers
  • GL – 40/19 Guide
  • 122 Brush welt
  • DRL5025 Rail lock

Technical Drawings